Read some thoughts of Starboard’s chief Svein Rasmussen on the current coronavirus crisis and its environmental and economic consequences.

Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly across the world. The head office of Starboard is located in Bangkok in Thailand, where authorities have ordered a shutdown of public facilities like shopping malls, playgrounds, etc. until April 30 to control the spread.  

Svei Rasmussen - Pic: Starboard

Svein Rasmussen – Pic: Starboard

Words by Svein Rasmussen

One would always like to look at the positive side of any challenge, as that creates good energy and new ideas. Most people in our last generations have lived in a “golden age” of growth, consumerism and many of us including me, have maybe not taken time to appreciate what a precious time we put our feet on the planet.
Now us earthlings have a common challenge, one that is terrifying for those of us who may loose family and friends, but otherways perhaps a good learning session.

Economy certainly is important, and this incident showcases that there are more important parts to life than the $, namely life itself and the appreciation of it. Is it even possible that the current willingness of sacrificing the $ over future life on the planet can set a trend of how we act on the larger environmental threats that our planet are faced with?

It now seems governments actually are able to act and that the people follow. So after this crisis is over, let’s escalate environmental issues to a new level where the politicians feel that they have the backing of the people to act steadfast.

The reason for the Covid – 19 according to scientists, is that we still are ignorant enough to terrorize and kill our animal friends because of our taste buds. I was stuck with that habit for the most of my life, we are all in this together and need to take our role as humans with more dignity and responsibility.

Here in Thailand we are in a soft lockdown, so we can still wingboard, windsurf and paddle, basically living the Tiki life at out lake Taco. I for the first time Wingboarded to work, a little scary with my 2 lap tops and a mobile phone.

But yes, our own little business is surely suffering badly, but again, now is a time for us to value more important things, work super extra hard, make good decisions, treat people well and appreciate our nurses. When Starboard gets through the crisis, then it’s perhaps because of the attitude we share with our friends, riders, co workers, partners and our “planet first” strategy.

Have a look at and go to the documentary section, loads of very inspiring movies like “Game Changers”. 

And this is Chocolate our Starbord HQ security guard, let’s treat our fellow species better.

Svein: „This is Chocolate our Starbord HQ  security guard, let’s treat our fellow species better.“

Svein: „This is Chocolate our Starbord HQ  security guard, let’s treat our fellow species better.“