Dutch freestyle windsurfer Tim Ruyssenaars (NED-66) started windsurfing in 2007 and two years later he did his first kids competition. Four years later and 16 years-old he got the “Continentseven wildcard” at the 2013 PWA Surf Worldcup in Austria. Back then, Tim had no equipment sponsors, but gained experience at an international event. Now, two years later, things have changed a bit. Tim is taller and stronger and lands radical moves, even during a cold winter storm. And he gets support by Point7 and 99. Well done Tim and good luck for the 2015 season! He plans to compete in the World Cups at Podersdorf and probably at Fuerteventura. He as will will participate in the EFPT event at Brouwersdam, if it will happen. Tim’s father filmed his son during two cold sessions. He decided to grab the cam instead of having a session in the cold conditions.