Kia Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2014 winners

Kia Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2014 winners


After winning in 2012, Thomas Traversa wins the Kia Cold Hawaii PWA Wave World Cup in Klitmøller, Denmark for the second time. The winners final between Thomas and Victor Fernandez was a fight not only for points but also against the darkness. On the final day of the event, finally, the wind and waves arrived and allowed to start with the competition. After a long day, at 20:15 (CET) the two finalists came from the water in complete darkness and we are still impressed, how they managed to show jumps and great wave rides.

Victor Fernandez said, that he had problems to see the waves in the dark, but he seemed to be very happy with his podium finish. Chris Yates, PWA press officer wrote about Thomas Traversa: The Frenchman was the standout sailor throughout the day, especially on the wave as he showed unrivalled fluidity and speed to pull of crazy frontside Aerials and Takas.” Thomas said in an interview, that the onshore Starboard tack conditions are the conditions with which he grew up and with this having in mind the whole day he was able to win the competition.

The perfect night show by Thomas and Victor

The perfect night show by Thomas and Victor

Finishing on the podium in joint third (it was too dark to run the final for place 3 and 4) were the teammates Leon Jamaer and Robby Swift. Chris Yates: “Leon Jamaer claimed the biggest scalp of his career, so far, as he took down the two-time world champion Philip Köster. Jamaer showed superior wave selection, together with big powerful hacks to progress. Victory against Köster, secured Jamaer his first place in the top three and the same was true for his teammate Robby Swift, who defeated the reigning world champion, Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne, to secure his maiden finish on the podium.”



1. Thomas Traversa 
2. Victor Fernandez 
3. Robby Swift
3. Leon Jamaer
5. Alex Mussolini
5. Ricardo Campello
5. Philip Köster
5. Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne
9. Klaas Voget

9. Ben Proffitt
9. John Skye
9. Moritz Mauch
9. Antoine Martin
9. Adam Lewis
9. Florian Jung
9. Graham Ezzy


Thomas Traversa vs. Victor Fernandez - Pic: John Carter/PWA

Thomas Traversa vs. Victor Fernandez – Pic: John Carter/PWA


First Round

Heat 1: Skye, Danielsen | Campello, Bjornaa

Heat 2: Lewis, Stillrich | Fernandez Lopez, Rutkowski

Heat 3: Voget, Pijoan | Jamaer, Petersen

Heat 4: ten Hoeve, Martin | Köster, Pare

Heat 5: Sanchez, Jung | Traversa, Rydberg

Heat 6: Mauch, Sanllehy | Mussolini, Kornum

Heat 7: Swift, Stone | Denel, Ezzy

Heat 8: Bruch, Proffitt | Browne, Ramirez Bolanos


Second Round

Heat 9: Skye, Campello | Lewis, Ferndandez Lopez

Heat 10: Voget, Jamaer | Martin, Köster

Heat 11: Jung, Traversa | Mauch, Mussolini

Heat 12: Swift, Ezzy | Proffitt, Browne


Quarter Final

Heat 13: Campello, Fernandez Lopez | Jamaer, Köster

Heat 14: Traversa, Mussolini | Swift, Browne


Semi Final

Heat 15a: Fernandez Lopez vs. Jamaer
Heat 15b: Traversa vs. Swift


Fernandez Lopez vs. Traversa