Kia Cold Hawaii Windsurf World Cup Video


The official competition of the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2014 ran right down to the wire as competitors endured a nail biting wait on the last day, which eventually saw the final of the single elimination completed in almost complete darkness, such was the race against time to gain a result for the fifth successive year. Even with the unfavourable forecast Cold Hawaii further reinstated its reputation as one of Europe’s gems of windsurfing, after allowing the sailors to still enjoy the North Sea waves on most days, even if no official competition could be run, highlighting the potential which Cold Hawaii holds.

Thomas Traversa became the first man in the history of the event to win two Cold Hawaii titles. The Frenchman claimed his first ever victory on the PWA Wave World Tour here in 2012 and showcased his world class sailing again to rise to the top of the prestigious podium. Cold Hawaii is now Traversa’s stomping ground and success here sees TT rise to third in the overall world rankings, very much still in the title race.

Victor Fernandez continued his rich vein of form in Cold Hawaii to sail himself all the way to the final. However, victory proved one step too far on this occasion, not that the Spaniard will be too disappointed as second place cements Fernandez’s place at the top of the overall world rankings, as he goes in search of his first world title since 2010.

With no time, or light, left to finish the battle for third and fourth, teammates Leon Jamaer and Robby Swift both share the honour of claiming the final place on the heralded podium. Incidentally this was both the German’s and the Brit’s first ever podium finishes on the PWA Wave World Tour, so Cold Hawaii will hold a special place in their memories for a very long time.



1. Thomas Traversa 
2. Victor Fernandez 
3. Robby Swift
3. Leon Jamaer
5. Alex Mussolini
5. Ricardo Campello
5. Philip Köster
5. Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne
9. Klaas Voget

9. Ben Proffitt
9. John Skye
9. Moritz Mauch
9. Antoine Martin
9. Adam Lewis
9. Florian Jung
9. Graham Ezzy