Thomas Traversa at Cabo de Higuer

Thomas Traversa shared some big waves with a bunch of big wave surfers at Cabo de Higuer (Amuitz) in February 2016. Windsurfing looks quite cool and fresh in between all the surfing action. Thomas, the 2014 PWA Wave Champion, rides some big lefts with a lot of style and control. Cabo de Higuer is a cape located at the end of the Bay of Biscay standing out at the end of the mountain range Jaizkibel.


Thomas Traversa at Cabo de Higuer (Amuitz)


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Chris Marti

This windsurfer makes big wave surfing look positively pedestrian.


The smallest man with the biggest of balls!! No wind and he still dares to go deeper and deeper. Good to see that fatherhood didn’t change the champ! And a new wave as a gift, thanx for the spectacle Thomas!!


This man’s waveriding is always gold.