We spottet this video with Thomas Traversa on the PWA website today. Thomas Traversa rides the waves at Pointe au Sel at La Reunion’s east coast. According to the “Kite and Windsurfing Guide” Point au Sel is one of the most radical wave spots on the island, with a perfect fast hollow left hander braking over a shallow reef. Only for experts! The best wind season is now, from June to August. So, with the PWA events on the Canaries cancelled, Thomas got the chance to travel to Reunion Island.

PWA: “Thomas Traversa (Tabou / GA Sails) would normally be competing in the Canaries at this time of year, but given the current circumstances he has taken the opportunity to visit Reunion Island, which offers world class waves, but also has more than it’s fair share of danger with regards to sharks- between 2011-15 there were 17 shark attacks in Reunion – 7 of which were fatal which led to a ban on almost all surfing in 2013.”

Thomas Traversa a la Pointe au Sel – Reunion Island

Video by Dunogué Vincent