World class windsurfer Maciek Rutkowski from Poland interviews Jimmy Diaz, the president of the PWA. It’s an interesting talk. Jimmy, who had a very long active professional windsurfing career and even participated in the Olympics, tells stories about his windsurfing life, the windsurfing scene and last but not least about the PWA. Maciek definitely asks the right questions and Jimmy gives a deeper view inside the windsurfing world. Good job!

Jimmy Diaz: “We got a lot of criticism from the public…We need to get more events for freestyle and wave in down the line conditions…and we need to generate a bigger media and invest more in media, upgrade the media package.”

Take your time and follow Episode #3 of the The Windsurfing Podcast. El Presidente Jimmy Diaz really opens up about the mental struggle of becoming a pro windsurfer, the glory days, how much money he would spend on boards, windsurfing in Colorado, and why he wants to decrease the prize money for future events.

Jimmy Diaz in Episode 3 of the The Windsurfing Podcast: he talks about the career, glory moments, the Olympics and the future of the PWA