Graham Ezzy (31), the son of sail designer and Ezzy company owner David Ezzy, made it in 15th place overall in the 2019 PWA Wave World Tour, what’s excellent for a Maui rider, who prefers sailing in down the line conditions and to jump on starboard tack conditions. “I have a complicated relation with competition and the World Tour (port tack, strong wind)”, he tells Maciek Rutkowski in the windsurfing podcast episode #25. Graham not only is a pro windsurfer. He has studied at one of the the best universities in the US, is one of the sail testers for his dad & Ezzy team rider and part of the year lives in Germany, where’s his kid and wife living. Graham travelled to so many great wave windsurfing spots – from Madagascar to Japan – and is well known in the international windsurfing scene.

He gives a good view on the windsurfing life on Maui and tells his personal opinion about forgotten riders, riders he never won against or the possibilities to become wave World Champion one day. He makes some very strong statements in the podcast and opposes the opinion of the interviewer.

Graham Ezzy: “I am a purist. I love windsurfing. I am not distracted by new sports. I am a windsurfer.”


The Windsurfing Podcast with Graham Ezzy Episode #25 – Interview

Produced by Maciek Rutkowski & Windsurfing TV 2020