The famous left hand wave of Skeleton Bay in Namiba is one of the longest sand-bottomed waves in the world. At the end of August Thomas Traversa, Camille Juban, Leon Jamaer, Flo Jung and a film team set out to explore the spot and ride the wave for the first time with windsurf equipment.

Jamie Hancock: “This project is something that is close to the heart. I grew up watching some of the most amazing windsurfing films which is what drove me to want to become a professional windsurfer. Not so much to be a ‘pro’ but to be able to go in search of incredible waves. Filmmaking for me came from wanting to make films like the ones that originally inspired me so much. ‘The Windsurf Project’ is the ultimate combination of those two loves of mine. It’s a passion project that has already taken us to two of the most insane windsurfing events, windsurfing Nazaré and the first people to windsurf the perfect wave in Namibia. Thomas Traversa is someone that I’ve spent a lot of time as team mates with Gaastra & Tabou and as friends. He has always been one of the best and most committed wavesailers who has been discovering his own waves for years. Along with Thomas and a few friends we’ve set out on a journey in pursuit of true perfection.”

Check out a short highlight reel from their last two trips (Nazare and Nambia). Full edit from Namibia to follow.

Camera: Jamie Hancock / Julian Robinet / Luke Raistrick