Julien Taboulet travelled with his family, with Caroline Barbeau, the kids Louise-Aine and Kaili and the center co-worker Mimmo to Maui and spent 3 wonderful months there. He sailed in massive Kona wind conditions, nailed perfect Aerials and digged deeply into the clean waves with extremely powerful turns. He as well had Surf and SUP sessions and spent great moments with his family and friends at the beach and on the water. Julien shows a lot of privacy in his 20 minute long film. His kids, his wife on the surf boards or at the beach. It looks like the perfect life, the windsurfer’s dream, spending 3 months on Maui, Hawaii during the winter 2013/2014. And WeshWesh shows again his real waterman qualities on all kind of boards and qualities as a great husband and father.


Following additional riders are present in the film: Rudy Castorina, Robby Swift, Sabine & Manu Bouvet, Francisco Porcella, Robby Naish, Marcilio Browne, Davide Carrera, Antoine “Titoun” Martin and many more.


Watch a fantastic 20 minute long movie, which needed a lot of effort. At many parts chilly Hawaiian music got added to the film. If you are just interested in the windsurfing action click in at 03:30 and at 14.50.


The Wesh family on Maui, Hawaii