Jakob Müller spends more time on his foil board than on his windsurfing board. And even in stronger winds he nails incredible moves with his foil. Let’s see what the future will bring and if more windsurfing brands will offer freestyle boards with a foil ready option in the future. Especially for freestyle windsurfers, who live at light wind spots, a foil could increase the time on the water. 

Continentseven: Jakob, what are the latest foil style moves you have been working on?

Jakob Müller: I almost landed my first double Air Culo on the foil. Unfortunately I was too surprised and had a mega crash. But this move is possible 100%. My brother Balz just landed a Culo into Culo on his foil again. That was crazy!

Continentseven: Are you still windsurfing?

Jakob Müller: I’m still windsurfing but only when the conditions are top, wich means usually 1-2 times a month here in Switzerland. So foiling is my nr.1 for sure. With the foil I can get a top freestyle session 2-3 times a week, what means for me it is for sure much more exciting than “classic” windsurfing at the moment. Even the choppiest conditions and the super gusty, light and shifting winds turn into a rad full power freestyle session. 

Continentseven: It looks like you are foiling in almost all conditions?

Jakob Müller: A few weeks ago we had a storm and my freestyle board was broken, so I had to take the foil. It turned out to be super fun in strong winds too. You can get even more pop than usually and the speed is crazy. That’s why I started to go foiling almost in every wind, but of course a good 4.4m full power classic freestyle session is always welcome!


THE WALL 2 – a foiling freestyle video featuring Jakob Müller & Michael Naef riding at the wall in Tüscherz, Lake Biel, Switzerland