After a cold and windy winter at the “Southsouth Beach” of Podersdorf the ramp of Tom Hartmann and Daniel Bikich gets prepared for its first appearance – the PWA Worldcup Podersdorf 2008.

Tom Hartmann with the ramp – Pic:

Last year the ramp already travelled through Europe, from Austria to Lake Silvaplana, to Holland and back to Austria, its origin. The ramp survived the events 2007 and the winter sleep without getting any big damage and is waiting for its first use in 2008.
Yesterday Tom Hartmann and Daniel Bikich, Austrian windsurfers and the intitiators of the 15.000€ project prepared the ramp for its first travel in 2008, from the south to the north end of Podersdorf, the venue of the PWA Freestyle Worldcup 2008.

The 1000 kg “monster” got towed through Podersdorf, passing then the tents of the event area and finally got its parking position close to the water, from where the ramp – and later the windsurfers – will enter the water.

The ramp gets towed through Podersdorf – Pic:

Some more infos about the ramp:
– 8 m long
– 1,5m high
– lifted by 2400lt swimtanks
– maximum finlength is 45cm
– maximum board width is 90cm
– permanent moisturization of the take off area through a pump

Ramp on the beach – Pic: