Last weekend the Shaka Bump & Jump event took place at Lake Garda/Italy, organised by Mikel Slijk, who is now the owner of the Shaka windsurfing center and runing a big watersport shop directly in the center of Torbole. A few famous names showed up for the event: Dani Aeberli, Tom Hartmann, Nicola Spadea, Mattia Fabrizi, Iacopo Testa, Gabriele Varruccio, Filippo Bestetti, Claudio Marzeddu or the son of Mikel Niki Slijk were on the list. Also Randy Naish and even Robby Naish showed up while the event. Congratulations to Mattia Fabrizi winning the competition.

1. Mattia Fabrizi

2. Nicola Spadea

3. Iacopo Testa & Gabriele Varruccio

5. Filippo Bestetti

6. Claudio Marzeddu

Here is a vid of Cataldo Albano.