Maciek Rutkowski(Pol-23), one of the most talented young riders on the PWA Slalom circuit, produced the “Kebab Cup” clip. He sent following statement about his Globetrotter Entertainment production.

“This video is definetly a breakthrough in my career. Not only because I scored my first PWA loosers final in that contest, but also beacuse it’s the first video that was shot with my new Canon 7D. Unfortently only with a Sigma 400mm lens and with NO tripod, but still it’s something new and the result looks kind of promising and can’t wait when I’ll put the whole set together. The title came from the fact that a lot of competitors, including me, were eating a couple of supertasty traditional turkish kebabs a day. So make sure your on HD, put the volume up, and enjoy the short clip!”

The Kebab Cup – PWA Turkey 2011 from Globetrotter Entertainment on Vimeo.