On the 5th day of competition the Fuertewaveclassic saw the first result. The heats got started on the 4th of March at Cotillo beach around 2.00 p.m. Each team had to choose quickly, which rider will go in the water first.


Pic: www.fuertewaveclassic.com



Heat 1 : Klaas Voget, Jonas Ceballos, Robin Goffinet, Anthony Ruenes and JB Caste were on the run for a 30 min heat, each one of them representing their team on the water, while they were judged by the other riders. The action went on pretty well as logo to head high sets were coming through Cotillo’s bay with a good frequence

From this 1st heat, German Klaas Voget finished 1st, thanks to a perfect wave selection and some really nice off the lips and aerials. Pozo local Jonas Ceballos came in 2nd, who certainly choose the best option as he stayed on the right of the spot, scoring some fat opening sets. Frenchy Robin Goffinet finished 3rd, with clean aerials on some good waves too. 4th, JB Caste did not operate the best wave choice and could not express himself on these small waves, while Anthony got stucked down the spot, certainly due to a bad equipment choice and took the 5th…


Heat 2 : Aleix Sanllehy, Jaume Coll, Stephane Etienne, Francisco Porcella and Thomas Traversa were out. Because of a too small board Aleix could not make it and got stucked down the spot, so as Francisco who did not make it to sail upwind. During this time, Stephane and Jaume scored the best waves of the day! Jaume ripped hard in the critical sections and Stephane got some bigger sets by using his experience. He could show nice turns, rollers off the lips and some aerials. Thomas, the lightest weight of this heat, unfortunately broke the second mast on the outside and lost too much time before he could come back to the beach, and went back out again with Antony’s sail. A very good opportunity for the local Jaume Coll, who got the best wave of the day and the judges put him in 1st position, followed by local Stephane Etienne in 2nd, the two PWA stars Thomas Traversa in 3rd and Francisco Porcella in 4th and Aleix Sanllehy in 5th.


Heat 3: The two locals Ylia Escario and Will Ward, pozo local Dario Ojeda, Boujmaa Guilloul from Morocco and Yannick Anton went out there. Unfortunately the wind dropped and became much too light to run this heat, even after 20 min of stand-by. Riders and organization agreed to cancel the heat.

From tomorrow the conditions should get a little bit more “hardcore”, because a massive swell is announced for the next 2 days…

Hopefully the action will take place in Puertito on day 6: another spot, another wave, another ambiance!