The last stop of the EFPT was staged at Brutal Beach, in the South of France. 25 riders from 8 nations participated in the EFE event.  The top ranked riders made it into the final. PWA’s number 2 Steven van Broeckhoven sailed against PWA’s number 5 Dieter van der Eyken. A 100% Belgium final. Steven won, Dieter took 2nd place in the end. Local Adrien Bosson made it in third place defeating Antony Ruenes in the French battle for the remaining place on the podium.


Steven van Broeckhoven won the 2013 EFPT tour title, Dieter van der Eyken got second and German Adi Beholz finished in 3rd position overall.


Andraz Zan, active rider on the EFPT tour and filmmaker from Slovenia, filmed and edited a really cool clip in cooperation with Different Eyewear, who supports Andraz’s video production. The video shows some action from the windsurfing freestyle competition. The offshore wind conditions just allowed one single elimination on flat water. During the rest of the days the EFPT organized tow-in competitions and the riders enjoyed the nice warm autumn weather at Brutal Beach, southern France. There are a lot of radical tow-in freestyle tricks in the clip. Steven won the tow-in event, Vladimir Yakovlev made it in 2nd  and Matia Fabrizi in 3rd. Adam Sims won the best trick category.