A storm has power, produces waves and has it´s own rhytm and sound.
CattaZen tried to catch this special moments with his cam and edited following clip. The video is not about windsurfing, but shows how a heavy storm hits the coast at the Ligurian coast, Italy. The Mediterranean sea had thousands of waves pushed up by the heavy wind. It´s not a clip about windsurfing, it´s a video about a storm.


CattaZen send following text:

“Tempesta” is a short film representing my personal research of wind and waves during a weather alert at the west coast of Liguria on December 16th 2011. I filmed the storm storm at Diano Marina (S.Anna), Finale Ligure and at the beautiful “missing” beach of Varigotti and Baia dei Saraceni. At the evening the stormy winds generated a rough sea in front of Capo Noli and saw wind peaks with 45 to 50 knots. Everybody, who says you don’t get waves in the Mediterranean Sea, is not right!” (CattaZen)

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TEMPESTA from CattaZen on Vimeo.