The 2014 Avanti team line-up has changed a bit: “A decision was made to focus our attention towards building a young team moving forward with a keen eye on the future so we have decided to amicably finish, by mutual consent, our cooperation with Peter Volwater. We thank Peter for his hard work and dedication over the past two years and we wish him the best in the future with his new endeavours. Our international team is proud to add freestylers Julien Mas from France and Youp Schmit from Bonaire. Welcome fellas!” (Avanti Sails Team)


Peter Volwater will sail with KA-Sails and Starboard in 2014.


A quote from Julien (F-7): “The Echo ME is the best freestyle sail I have ever used. Light, stable in the air and has big ‘pop’ potential. I am excited to join Avanti for the 2014 season and I expect to elevate my game on the PWA tour.”


“Young and exciting 18-year old prospect Youp (NED-27) brings pure talent, gifted abilities and energy to the brand. His move from Neil Pryde to Avanti was initiated to chase his boyhood dream – The PWA freestyle world title, and we believe in his ability to perform at the highest levels on the best rigs in the world.” (Avanti Sails Team)


Julien and Youp in the Avanti team together with Pro racer Finian Maynard.

Julien and Youp in the Avanti team together with Pro racer Finian Maynard.


It looks like Avanti will focus on the younger generation and on the freestyle discipline. Reducing the top race team and looking for sailors, who were not  happy with their current sails or deals or lost a sponsor. A few of the top talents, like Julien or Youp have the skills to finish events in the top 10 or even in the top5 on the PWA  worldtour. Youp participated in 12 PWA freestyle competitions since his debut in 2010, finished twice 5th and was never worse than 17th. The young talent from Bonaire who reminds a bit of Robby Naish in his young days, won twice the PWA Youth World Title in the Freestyle discipline in 2011 and 2012. Youp sails for the boardbrand JP-Australia and left NeilPryde by the end of 2013.


Julien Mas (24) founded together with friends the Windmeet Freestyle tour in France and established the freestyle windsurfing discipline in his homecountry. He as well pushed the tow-in discipline to a new level, participated in PWA and EFPT events. Julien had his debut on the PWA tour in 2010 and made it twice on the 9th place, once at Aruba in 2011 and once in Podersdorf 2012.