Lina (15) and Val Erzen (13) spent a part of their summer holidays in Naxos and at some other spots in Greece. And the Meltemi wind did not disappoint and was blowing all the time. Daddy and coach Igor, a former Slovenian ski jumper, dedicated a lot of time to the filming. Balz “Radiculo ” Müller, who was on the island, too edited the following clip. We are impressed. Lina and Val land really difficult freestyle moves like Skopus, Air Flakas or Kabikuchis and their potential is endless. They do well on the foil and in waves, too and already won their first trophies in PWA youth competitions. Keep the stoke and thanks for the great video to everyone, who was involved.

Team Erzen in Greece – Lina and Val show what they are capable of in 2020

Filmed by Igor Erzen, edited by Balz Müller