Taty Frans (29) is ready for the 2014 season and he will participate in Freestyle and Slalom events. Taty will not compete at the EFPT event in Austria and will start his PWA competition season in South Korea, racing around marks with the fastest guys on planet. His Slalom sails just arrived and he will focus on getting the stuff tuned during the next days. Taty is one of the fastest guys on the race course as he can go on a bit smaller sail sizes compared to the rest of the fleet. When Antoine Albeau is still on a 85 cm wide board with a 9,5 m sail, Taty already cruises on a 80 cm wide board with a 7,7. That makes jibing much quicker, too. During the St.Barth Cup earlier the year he made it in second place and at the last year’s PWA Slalom season final on Sylt he made it twice in a winners final.