Shocker of the day. Taty Frans, current PWA Freestyle tourleader put a picture on Facebook, which showed him with a leg in a pink plaster. We immediately asked Taty what happened and asked him, if he will be fit for the upcoming PWA Freestyle event on Lanzarote.

C7: Taty, what happened?

Taty: I just gut problems with my ligaments and it could be getting worse if I don’t get a rest. That’s why i had to put my foot in the plaster to heal and rest better. So that it won’t get worse when I am on the Canaries.. nothing really bad with the bones so that’s good.

C7: You are one of the favourites for the event in Lanzarote. How were the conditions in Bonaire. Are you well prepared for the Lanzarote event?

Taty: I am up to Lanzarote! But for now I just have to relax my foot for another 7 days. For the last weeks the conditions on Bonaire havn’t been so great. Litterly I have only sailed two days on my 4.8 sails and then probably 3-4 days on the 5.2 after that I haven’t sailed for the whole month. If I could have prepared myself for the Lanzarote event I would say in my mind I am. I have trained a lot in the winter time. My gear is working at their best so I don’t think that my gears will be the problem. As I know that the Starboards Flare work at their best when the conditions get rough.

C7: What do you expect from the event on Lanzarote?

Taty: The other guys like Gollito,Tonky, Steven, Antxion, Kiri are hungry to get on the podium and to get revenge after Austria, so I really am looking forward to Lanzarote and to do the best I can.. I feel no pressure as I am relaxed in my mind and I know I am not the top guysfrom last year.. so actually the way I see it, is that they are the ones that actually have to look who is coming behind them. Is not only me but also Steven which is coming.

C7: Which gear will you bring to the Canaries?

Taty: Lanzarote can be very windy at times, even 3.7 sails will work, so I will sure be bringing my Mauisails from 3.7 to 5.2 and Starboard 2x Flare 88 and 1x flare 98.

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