Talentschmiede (Talent factory) – an initiative for windsurfing talents by German Florian Jung in cooperation with Boujmaa Guilloul and Nicola Thost! Join the project in July!


This project is supporting 10 upcoming windsurfing talents in the age between 12-20 years to give them a chance to get one step closer of being a windsurf pro.

Train with Boujmaa, Flo and Nicola!!

Boujmaa Guilloul will be your coach! Any questions?


Flo Jung, an very experienced Pro sailor, will be your coach.

One week of training, photo-shooting and coaching, guided by an expert crew including windsurf pros like Flo Jung, Boujma Guilloul or former snowboarding Olympic gold medalist Nicola Thost. It is an unique opportunity to learn from them and to get important advises for a successful windsurfing career.
This camp is set up for freestyle- and wavesailors in order to give them a chance to present themself beside competitions. Every participant gets a specific coaching in terms of training, media work and dealing with sponsors! We guess it´s a great chance and would say, get part of it!


Sitting around the fire after a nice day of sailing.

more infos:




19. -26. Juli 2011
Sidi Kaouki/morocco


1. option: 250€ (just the coaching, without flight and accomodation)
2 .option: 450€ (including coaching, accomodation, transfer and food)
3. option: 890€ (including flight from europe and all other costs)


The windsurf club Sidi Kaouki, the place you stay while the event.