Takuma Sugi and Takara Ishii released their first video from the first days in Sal, Cabo Verde. They travelled to the island of Sal – it’s their trip to the African country – to prepare for the first PWA Wave World Cup. They explore the island and ride the first waves at little Ho’okipa. The video shows how the two Japanese windsurfers perceive the island of Sal, located 320 miles off the westernmost point of continental Africa, and how they spend the day.

Many of the men’s world’s best wave windsurfers arrive these days and follow the same routine. Both, Takuma and Takara, spent many months at some of the world’s best windsurfing spots (Gran Canaria, Maui or Denmark), know tricky wave conditions from Japan and don’t care too much when they attack the lips. Takuma is only 19 years of age (the second youngest competitor in the entry list) and Takara is 21. The Japanese hot shots still like to play on and off the water. And if they are in troubles they obviously know how to solve the problem: they fix the damaged leaf springs of the pick-up with roof rack straps for instance. We wish good luck for the upcoming days and the competition!

The Japanese windsurfing hot shots Takuma Sugi & Takara Ishii released their Sal/Cape Verde Session pt. #1 – Video