Tabou recently announced their international team for 2012


Freestyle Team:
Tonky Frans, Davy Scheffers, Antony Ruenes and some guest appearances from Thomas Traversa.


Wave Team:
Thomas Traversa and his buddy Alex Mussolini have been turning heads everywhere they go. Jamie Hancock was the 2012 PWA Rookie of the Year. An addition to the team is UK´s top wave sailor Phil Horrocks, who left JP-Australia. He will for sure bring a lot of R&D know-how into the board developement, as he was working a lot in the JP board development. Not to forget, Ross Williams, who is a hard charging big wave chaser.

What we do not understand is, why Dario Ojeda is missing in the official press release, although he was the best placed Tabou rider in the 2011 PWA overall ranking on the 6th place. We have asked Dario, and he has confirmed, that he is still on the team.


Race Team:
In the racing team no changes were announced. Benoit Moussilmani was the best placed Tabou racer in 2011 on the 13th position, followed by Ross Williams in 14th. Arnon Dagan, Sylvain Moussilmani, Cedric Bordes and Valerie Arrighetti complete the team.


The Tabou Wave Team 2012 (Pic: Tabou)