The 2010 PWA freestyle tour started with a very relaxed, calm and sunny day in Austria.

Tonky Frans over the ramp - Pic: John Carter

After the registration and the skippersmeeting the riders had much time to prepare their equipment and explore the many stands and activities on the eventarea.
In the late afternoon Tom Hartmann, Tonky Frans, Daniel Bikich and Max Matissek tested the ramp on the water. A boat pulled the windsurfers over the glassy water of the Lake Neusiedler and towed the riders over the ramp. We could witness some unbelievable jumps in absolutely no wind.

If tomorrow is again no wind, the qualifying for the ramp competition will be started. I am sure some riders are hungry to get the extra 1000€ for the best jump.

But however, after waiting the whole day for a little breeze to come, the sailors were released at 18.00.

At 22.00 the opening ceremony will take place, where all the freestyle stars will be presented.