Today is the first day of the PWA Freestyle Worldcup in Podersdorf, Austria. From today through to the 5th of May the world’s best freestylers will meet for their first PWA competition at the Lake Neusiedler in the east of Austria.

Yesterday we already saw many of the competitors. Phil Soltysiak from Canada, Quincy Offringa from Aruba, Paul Zeper and Maarten van Ochten from Holland, Steven van Broekhoven and Davy Scheffers from Belgium, Levi Lenz and João Henrique from Brazil, Antxon Otaegui from Lanzarote, Andre Paskowski from Germany, the local competitors from Austria Lorenz Forstenlechner, Alex Seyss, Chris Sammer, Max Matissek, the Bonaire connection with Taty and Tonky Frans and Kiri Thode.

When we left late in the evening we met Nicolas Akgazciyan from France, who were fixing his footstraps in the dark. He wants to be prepared because he said: “Hey, here, you never know. It always can be windy.” And he is not wrong.

So, the registration is done and the first possible start for the competition is set for 12.30. But there is no wind yet.

Antxon Otaegui - Pic: Continentseven

Quincy Offringa - Pic: Continentseven