Jake Miller produced a clip about the latest big days at Jaws, Maui, on January 17th and 19th. The clip shows paddle surfing at Jaws and a few other freaks on body boards or SUPs. And it shows great action of Francisco and Niccolo Porcella with excellent views inside the waves of Pe’ahi plus a lot of extreme crashes at all sections of the waves of several riders. Jake Miller, who filmed and edited the clip, as well shows how packed the break was these days. Big wave surfing got a mass sport. There are more riders out there than on a good windsufing day at Ho’okipa.

It looks scary, when several riders crash at the same moment on a monster wave. And it reminds a bit of the good old surfing  at Oahu’s North Shore, when extreme surfing started in 1957 at Waimea Bay and Greg Noll, Pat Curren, Micky Munoz  or Mike Stang – just to name a few – surfed big waves for the first time. Now, 56 year s later, the sport got for sure more extreme. Surfers try to get in the tube with their guns. But the thrill probably stayed the same.



Watch an action packed 5 minute long clip from Jaws with latest surfing action and unique on board views.