The best German wavesailors and the organizers had to wait for a long time to announce the start of the 2011 Supreme Big Days. Gusts up to 60ty knots and three meter high waves are expected for Ahrenshoop at the Baltic sea.The fantastic forecast even convinced  Philip Köster, the current PWA Wave Worldchampion to show up tomorrow and compete against a very strong fleet in cold waters and cold air. Not an easy, but for sure a challenging job! Read more below and watch the teaser.


The Supreme Big Days are a German Standby wavecontest. The organisers are waiting for the perfect conditions at one of the  German spots at the Baltic Sea. Organiser Hans Jensen already thought about to cancel the event for 2011.  “But then the big stormfront arrived after we had a massive highpressure system for many weeks all over Europe. But now the conditions look  so promising, that even the 2011 PWA Wave World Champion Philip Köster will arrive from the warm Gran Canaria to fight for the title in the  rough conditions”, Hans Jensen commented the situation and decided to run the event tomorrow.

The action will be on tomorrow from 9.00 on. Here is a shot from the previous years (Source: Supremesurf Bigdays).


The fleet will be first class: Leon Jamaer, Matze Bade or the Gobisch brothers, Lars and Stefan will give everything to make it on  top of the event. The first possible start is scheduled for 9.00 in the morning. If you live next to the spot you definitely should pass  by the beach of Ahrenshoop. Ahrenshoop is a little village, located in a Natural resort, called Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft. It´s less  than 30 minutes to Rostock. Many artists live in the little village, but tomorrow the windsurfers will rock Ahrenshoop. The windforecast looks great and the airtemperatures will range from 7° to 10°, what´s ok for this period of the year.


The windforecast on Wetterzentrale for northern Germany tomorrow midday! What a windy sunday? (Source:


We hooked up with Wave World Champion Philip Köster to ask him about the Supremesurf Big Days:  

C7: Did you have good conditions on Gran Canaria to prepare for this competition?
Philip Köster: I had no wind at all the last weeks, only some waves in the north to do surfing.  


C7: Will you use shoes? Or will you keep on ripping barefoot? 
Philip Köster: I don,t know yet, i am not used to shoes and I am afraid not to find the footstraps  …….ok when I don´t have any feeling in the foot when I surf without shoes it´s the same problem, which I had during the last years.


C7: If you compare the Big Days with PWA competitions. Is it a different feeling for you or is every competition the same for you? 
Philip Köster: I like to compete and this is the third time I am coming. There you find the hardcore windsurfers and I like to be  there as well. It´s too cold and icy, it´s too windy and you can´t hold the boom right, or even there is rain and you can´t see  anything, but it´s a great event. PWA is much bigger and I fight for the title, and there is much more media, but for me it´s fun  in Germany and that´s the main reason, why I like this sport so much! And the windsurfers in Germany are sailing very very well!!  I would like to win, but the nature is sometimes against my wishes. So, let´s see!  


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