Ricardo Campello spent the past months on Maui together with his girlfriend Diana. The Venezuelan constantly tried new moves and variations and collected a lot of brilliant video clips from his sessions. And he now released a best of edit with over 3 minutes of radical windsurfing action. Thumbs up Ricardo and keep on mixing the old-school elements with the new style of wave windsurfing in 2020. We all love your crazy Table tops!!!

Ricardo: “For the first time in my life, due to Covid I was able to spend time on Maui during summer. The waves are not so consistent but we did have some days and if we were in a mood to drive at some places on the island you can score some good south swells!”


Summer Windsurfing on Maui 2020 by Ricardo Campello

Filmed by Diana Wood, Kai Lenny, Paul Karaolidis, Noah Andrews, Jake Miller, Paul Paulino, Maria Goichochea