Leopards, Cobras and a perfect freestyle playground at Sri Lanka

Max Brinnich: “After being in Sri Lanka already last year for the whole summer. I decided to go there again, because I hate sailing crowded spots and for the summer months Kalpitiya is providing lonely spots and wind almost everyday. This year we scored a lot of days, but with a bit lighter wind more for 4.8 and 5.2.”


The Austrian windsurfer Max Brinnich is an experienced Sri Lanka traveler. He was there last year, too and this year he even spotted a Sri Lanka Leopard, whose population is declining each year. Imagine, only around 600 are left on the huge island in the Indian ocean. 


“After I hurt my ankle I had to take a few days off, so we went to Wilpattu National Park where we also met the Leopard in the outback. Most of the time we were just four Windsurfers on the water and during midday we had the whole range of spots for us as the kite surfers are on lunch break. I really want to thank Upul from De Silva Windresort Kalpitiya, who helped us with a boat to film in the lonely lagoons a bit more downwind.” Max Brinich