In February the 10th edition of the “Storm Rider” event took place at Bat Galim Beach in Haifa (Israel). Windsurfers and Kitesurfers from all over Israel gathered at Bat Galim Beach at Haifa and challenged a massive storm, which hit the Israeli cost during the waiting period in the middle of February. The French wave and slalomsailor Jules Denel also decided to travel to Bat Galim Beach to take part in the competition. He handled the 40 knots and masthigh waves best and claimed victory in front of Eyal Shelef and Arnon Dagan.

The organizers of the event, Arnon Dagan and his brother Ori are already looking forward to the next year´s event. Their goal is to grow the event to an international venue and to gather sailors from all over the world at Bat Galim beach. Arnon Dagan stated: “Our goal is to run an international event in 2013!”



  1. Jules Denel
  2. Eyal Shelef
  3. Arnon Dagan
  4. Moti Slavin
Result Youth:
  1. Tom Goren
  2. Hader Ashur
  3. Maor Gershler
  4. Nevo Shevach