For many European windsurfers Cape Town is the ideal winter hideaway. Every winter many of the windsurfers spend time chasing the wind around the cape. And like every year Steven van Broekhoven spent his last winter in Cape Town to train the latest moves and explore new spots.

Now Andraz Zan edited a new “Secrets of the Wind” episode with Steven’s best footage from last winter in Cape Town. It’s an action-packed, 4 minutes long firework display of the latest freestyle action with a perfectly landed double Air Culo or brilliant Shifties.

This year, unfortunately Steven will not make it to Cape Town as he has to recover from an ankle injury. Two days ago we spoke to Steven about the surgery and his this year’s winter plans. Read more here: Steven van Broeckhoven – What’s up?

Steven van Broeckhoven with freestyle action in perfection from South Africa, filmed during the winter 2016/2017

Edited by Andraz Zan
Filmed by Jeremy Plüss & Valentin Böckler