21 riders fought from th 18.06. till the 21.06.09 for the EFPT King of the Bay title. Steven van Broeckhoven showed up as the unbeaten hero of the 2009 season and proofed his incredible high newschool freestyle skills again. The this years EFPT title should go to Belgium. 

Steven van Broeckhoven - Pic: EFPT.NET

Steven van Broeckhoven - Pic: EFPT.NET


In the first elimination he could beat Andre Paskowski in the final, in the second double of the event he could defeat Nico Akgazciyan. Looks like he could be one of the top sailors on the PWA tour in this season as well.

Only 2 events on the EFPT are left and the rider from Belgium looks like the 2009 tour winner already!


1. Steven van Broeckhoven
2. Andre Paskowski
3. Nicolas Akgazciyan
4. Davy Scheffers
5. Phil Soltysiak


EFPT ranking after 4 tourstops:
1. Steven van Broeckhoven (600 points)
2. Andre Paskowski (490 points)
3. Nicolas Akgazciyan (430 points)
4. Davy Scheffers (400 points)
5. Niklas Strahlen (285 points)