Starboard welcomes Daida and Iballa Moreno to their Dream team.

Daida and Iballa Moreno - ©Pics courtesy of Dani Miguel

Daida and Iballa are currently ranked first and second in the world in waves. With their 12 year long successful career in Wave and Freestyle, the “Twins” fit perfect in the worlds most successful windsurfing team, the Starboard dream team.

Daida: “Starboard has the best boards in the market, proved by winning the PWA industrial ranking in 06, 07, 08 and then again in 09. We will help Starboard with their R&D and also boost their ranking in the PWA. It’s amazing the way the brand work, we feel free, exited and happy to be part of the dream team! Together we will all reach our goals, so thank you for giving us this opportunity!”

Iballa: “I can simply add that I am very excited and happy to start a new life and new projects with Starboard. It has a big and great winning dream team and together we can only develop the best boards in the market!”

Svein Rasmussen – Starboard president: “We have followed the Twins through their fantastic career and been blown away time after time by their performance. In my opinion ladies windsurfing is fundamental to the future of the sport. We at Starboard will do our best to ensure that we are able to market the sport better through our great, fun and inspirational ladies team. We want to create a more fashionable future for our colorful and diverse sport. Thanks to Daida and Iballa for choosing Starboard”

Daida and Iballa Moreno - ©Pics courtesy of Dani Miguel

©Info: Starboard International