The Thailand based board producing company Starboard just released the new boards of Philip Köster, Jaeger Stone, Sarah-Quita Offringa, the Moreno Twins, Dieter van der Eyken, Taty Frans or Kiri Thode. The range is quite compact and the new UltraKode has all fin options combined in one board. The boards are available in two different constructions for 2017.

Starboard Press release, August 2016: “Simpler and lighter are the key innovations for Starboard 2017: the world’s lightest boards in the most simplified wave and freestyle range offering. The new Reactors are much faster to move from the niche wave category into the mainstream. Speed mixed with the same magnified ability to exploit the lightest and smallest waves.

The all-new UltraKode is the magic wave board, the ultra-allrounder. Thruster, quad or twin, it’s the dream wave board by the Dream Wave Team.

Our best-seller, the Kode FreeWave remains a benchmark and award-winning Swiss-army knife of a board. The Flare is the PWA Freestyle World Champion’s board; the cutting edge, designed by windsurfing’s best freestyle team.

All boards are available in the world’s lightest constructions: UltraCore Reflex Carbon and UltraCore Hybrid Carbon.”

What is UltraCore? UltraCore is Starboard’s proprietary sandwich core material that’s 30% stronger, 40% stiffer and 10% lighter than conventional PVC sandwich cores. UltraCore allows Starboard to build boards up to 1.2 kg lighter than our 2016 models. 

What is UltraCore Reflex Carbon?  It’s Starboard’s exclusive, super-premium option for a board that is even lighter on the scale. By combining Starboard’s UltraCore with a full super-light biaxial Carbon the boards become even lighter, flex more and have a quicker reflex response. The boards feels active and responsive. The Carbon Reflex model is limited in stock, built to order with a four month delivery lead time.

What is UltraCore Hybrid Carbon? It is the new incredibly light construction, which makes them as light or lighter than anything else out there, built in the exclusive UltraCore sandwich core and reinforced with Omega stringers, what Starboard calls Smart Carbon: putting the carbon smartly in the right places for an optimized combination of stiffness, flex and feel.


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