Starboard released their complete 2017 board range. The wave & freestyle range 2017 already got announced in the end of July, now they present their Freeride, Racing and Leisure ranges and produced a video for each board model. The segment of the Leisure boards is the biggest containing 7 different board models and even 2 extra sails. The inflatable windsurfing board range is growing as well. Starboard offers the Airplane range, a freeriding concept for advanced riders and a lot of  inflatable WindSUPs with good windsurfing performance for the lighter conditions. Compared to the classic board constructions, the inflatable boards are relatively inexpensive, durable, fitting in a trunk and surprisingly light. The German Surf print magazine says in their latest test, that an Airplane for instance goes better in a jibe compared to several comparable hardboards.



Starboard Futura 2017

Starboard Carve 2017

Starboard AtomIQ 2017

Starboard Airplane 2017

Starboard GO 2017



Starboard GO Windsurfer

Starboard AtomIQ Duo

Starboard Rio 2017

Starboard Start 2017

Starboard inflatable Wind SUP 2017

The Waterman package 2017

Starboard WindSUP Sails 2017



Starboard iSonic 2017 

Starboard Formula 177 2017

Starboard Formula One & Slalom One

Starboard Phantom 377 2017