Starboard released a new productvideo, made by the Mauinerds (Kevin Pritchard and Johannes Neumann) of the Quad 2012 line.

Scott McKercher, Head of Wave R&D describes the boards as follws: “In either down-the-line conditions or onshore, the Quads contain speed well through a bottom or top turn whilst also being able to produce incredible speed and drive for the aggressive rider. With speed and power, the rider can aggressively smack the lip, throw tail or project into an air move. Straight line planing feel: a test winner for its planing ability and top-end speed, the Quad is a surprising performer in this category. The fin area from multiple fins provides excellent lift up onto the plane, whilst the center of effort is close to the board and spread over the entire tail, meaning it’s very controllable at high speed in high wind conditions.”


More about the new boards you can read here: