The Argentinian racer Gonzalo Costa Hovel leaves Loft Sails and joins Point-7.

Andrea Cucchi (Head of Point-7): “We were ready to introduce Gonzalo Costa Hoevel joining our Point-7 Black Team  by end of February, but for obvious reasons, we kept the news waiting till now. We are sure Alberto would have been happy to have had his friend Gonzalo on his side during the PWA events and vice versa. Gonzalo has known Alberto from the very first events Alberto was taking part to. They were good friends and had both great respect of each other. Gonzalo’s smile and positive attitude will bring new fresh motivation to the Black Team.  He will be a key tester for our AC lines and we are excited to have him on our Black Team. He is now in Tarifa tuning his AC-ONE Zero15 getting ready for the season to begin.”


Graham Ezzy leaves Quatro and joins Tabou. Graham and Quatro seemed to be the perfect match, but it wasn’t anymore. Read more in our interview with Graham Ezzy: Graham speaks about his change to Tabou and more

Graham Ezzy brings Hawaii to Europe

Graham Ezzy brings Hawaii to Europe


20 year-old Youp Schmit from Bonaire joins the Italian board manufacturer 99NoveNove. Youp:Big change for 2015! I am super stoked to be joining the team of 99NoveNove. I am convinced that the boards are top quality and that’s what we need under our feet. It is a big honour for me to start to work with Cesare and his brand, also especially with Gianni to start developing more and more on the freestyle boards. I love the style and the motivation behind the brand and I’m sure this is the right thing for me. Last season I had to drop out of the World Cup season to take care of an injury on my knee. Luckily I have been able to recover totally and am now already training over the past 7-months to be able to make a powerful comeback. Now with 99NoveNove coming along and being under my feet I feel confident and ready to start a new season. My goal is to make a successful World Cup season and doing this together with 99NoveNove and the Avanti Echo in my hands on the water I feel stronger than ever.”

Read more about Youp’s injury and why he had to withdraw from the events last year: In talk with Youp Schmit: About his injury

Youp Schmit joins 99NoveNove

Youp Schmit joins 99NoveNove (Pic: Markus Seidel)


Camille Juban Joins Avanti

Camille Juban Joins Avanti



After Taty Frans and Micah Buzianis, Camille Juban leaves MauiSails, too. He will join Avanti and is the first pure wave rider in the Avanti team. “In wavesailing, I have been extremely lucky to work with, and design sails for, many of the best athletes in our sport. With Camille, I have the perfect rider and collaborator. I can’t wait to see where this goes, ” Dan Kaseler said. Camille’s first event will be the AWT Cabo Verde Pro. 


Two weeks ago we reported about the current situation of MauiSails and why there will be no international MauiSails team 2015. If you haven’t read it, this is the link to the article: No international MauiSails team 2015



Both riders will go for Angulo Hawaii in 2015. And both are on KA Sails. Gautier is a fast speeder, already made 47.65 knots on his fastest 500 m run and has big ambitions in Slalom and long distance racing. He won the under 21 year category of the Defi Wind in 2015. He lives in the South of France and has a lot of great windy spots and world class riders around him.

Omar Sanchez (23), wave windsurfer from Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria and ranked 17th overall on the PWA Tour in 2014, will be part of the Angulo Wave team. We reported about his change from LoftSails to KA Sails earlier the year.


After, Taty Frans, who left MauiSails by the beginning of the year, Micah Buzianis left MauiSails, too and will be using NeilPryde in 2015.



Kauli Seadi (32) left JP-Australia and joined the Italian 99NoveNove team of Cesare Cantagalli. The Brazilian is the biggest name in the growing 99NoveNove team.

Joining 99NoveNove for me is like opening a new door, with a very new and fresh road to explore. I believe they know and love what they are doing as I believe in their many years of experience to do what it takes to grow a healthy brand. Besides that I think they have really amazing technologies to develop new shapes and great constructions for the boards that is supported by the advantage of having their own factory in Italy.

About Cesare Cantagalli, I think we all know the “Cheese Roll Man”, he definitely made a mark on windsurfing history by inventing the forward rotation.

My target for the 2015 season is to participate in at least the Cabo Verde AWT and Aloha Classic PWA plus maybe an indoor event or any other PWA event that has good waves. I will continue to travel to film for my TV show, so my wife and I plan to do some more explorations in the South Pacific by boat, so many great and beautiful islands!

Last but not least it will be awesome to start working with Gianni Valdambrini as he seems very experienced, so I’m sure we will be able to trade some productive and technical information, which will lead to developing a ‘KS Pro Model’ together.” Kauli Seadi (BRA-253), 3 times PWA Wave World Champion 2005, 2007 & 2008.

Kauli Seadi has signed with 99NoveNove.

Kauli Seadi has signed with 99NoveNove (Credit: Maria Fernanda Seadi).


Kurosh Kiani left Angulo and joins Starboard. Kurosh: “This time I’ll be leaving my board sponsors Angulo Boards, and re-joining with Starboard. A brand, which I actually was riding in the very beginning when I joined the world tour.” 



The Australian wave rider Jaeger Stone joins Starboard. 

Jaeger Stone at the Lancelin Ocean Classic 2015

Jaeger Stone at the Lancelin Ocean Classic 2015


The PWA Slalom Worldchampion Delphine Cousin leaves Loft Sails and joins Gun Sails.


The young slalom windsurfer from Holland left F2 and joined Starboard.


Top freestyle and Slalom racer Taty Frans (ranked 9th overall in FS and SL), left MauiSails and signed a contract with Gaastra for 2015. Ross Williams: “Taty Frans is joining us on our slalom and freestyle team. I think Taty is one of the modern versatile sailors with bags of style. He is one of the guys that you always want to watch, whether it’s while he’s pulling off powerful freestyle moves or kicking ass on the slalom course. He has the prefect attitude and demeanour on and off the water. He is a real pleasure to have him back on Gaastra and joining his brother Tonky.”


Taty goes freestyle on  the new Gaastra (Pic: Phil Richards).

Taty goes freestyle on the new Gaastra (Pic: Phil Richards)


The French hardcore freestyler and tow-in specialist will not be on Patrik anymore. He will be on JP-Australia.


Aleix Sanllehy leaves Goya Sails and joins the Gaastra/Tabou Team. Ross Williams: “When you see him sail in Pozo he is one of the guys that stands out, he’s doing all the moves but also with style and power which is nice to see. Aleix in person is a very positive young lad who is willing to learn and grow with the team and i think he will very useful with feedback on some of the larger wave boards and sails. Aleix has a big future and look forward to seeing him grow with the brands in the coming years.”


The French slalom specialist leaves Loft Sails and will be on Gaastra in 2015. Ross Williams: “Antoine is a true professional and we have been watching him the past few years as he has made his way up the rankings and on to the podiums, he really is going to be one to watch this year. As a multi french champion that alone shows his talents and intent to win.”


The Frenchman, living in Tarifa, leaves Loft Sails and will be on Gaastra in 2015.


Alex Mussolini leaves Tabou/Gaastra and will be on RRD in 2015.


The young Slalom racer with the long legs will leave Patrik and LoftSails and join the team of Starboard & Severne for 2015. The talent from Guadeloupe made it in the top 10 at Alacati and has a bright future in the racing discipline.


Sarah-Quita Offringa joins Team Pryde: “I feel lucky to be part of the NP team again. I’m happy to be part of a team with some of the most radical and motivated sailors around! I’m very much looking forward to getting on the water with those bright and powerful sails again.”
NP: “We are very excited to have Sarah-Quita back in Team Pryde. Sarah-Quita is a phenomenal sailor with seven world titles to her name and will bring a whole new dimension to the team.”


The Dutch dare devil – she currently spends her wintertime on Maui to get prepared for the season – left Gaastra/Tabou and will be on Point-7 and 99NoveNove for 2015. Point-7 created a stronger female team with Lena Erdil and Amanda Beenen. Turkish rider Ceren Yaman, Italian Greta Benvenuti and Dutch Ester de Geus complete the female team.

“I really feel I need to get up to the next level and Maui seems like the perfect place for me to learn new things and improve my skills in the waves. For 2015 I really want to get into the top 3 ranking of the PWA wave tour. I feel like I am ready to charge. Besides this I hope to get myself in some bigger waves this year.”

Amanda with the new gear on Maui (Pic: Jimmy Hepp)

Amanda with the new gear on Maui (Pic: Jimmy Hepp)


After one year on Starboard, the French slalom sailor Pascar Toselli joins NoveNove99 International. Pascal: “I am very happy to join the 99 Team, at the side of Finian as he is somebody, who is passionate and one of the best developers of slalom gear in the world today. The collaboration with Gianni and the rest of the team I believe will be effective. The dynamism and future projects of this young brand are really positive and this greatly motivates me for the future. I already feel inside the family. NoveNove has the technology to work on the development of materials in perfect conditions and I really feel in ‘my place’. We begin a lasting relationship where everyone seems to go in the same direction. Our new collaboration makes sense and I really look forward to start working together! I am more motivated than ever, the winter training will begin early this year and will be intense!


Cesare Cantagalli – 99 Brand Manager: “It’s a great pleasure and honor to announce that Pascal has chosen 99-NoveNove as the boards for his 2015 racing season. I leave it up to him as we all trust we have put together a great team of riders with a clear objective in mind and also to help the company grow and be all part of a great project. Time will tell…meantime, on behalf of all of us we wish Pascal all the best for a successful 2015 season together!”

Pascal Toselli

Pascal Toselli


16 year old Marc Parè Rico (ESP-334) signed a contract with 99NoveNove for 2015. He is an upcoming talent from Catalunya – watch his latest clip – and showed good skills during several events. He made it through all qualifications for the wave events and participated in World Tour and national Spanish Slalom events. 

“I have heard a lot of good and positive things about Marc as being one of the foremost up-and-coming talents amongst the new generation. I trust my good old friend Thomas Person from Simmer Sails, has being supporting Marc since he was a child.

What I like the most about Marc is no matter what, he likes windsurfing in any form and will compete at a high level with an overall performance aim. Our mission for the company is to have a broad and complete team where everyone can push one another. The young guys will bring energy and the oldest will provide tecnique and experience. Mark will also be the ambassador of our “FUTURE TEAM” made of “young generation board-riders with talent and passion for the sport.” Cesare Cantagalli – brand manager


The Italian windsurfer Mattia Pedrani changes from Gaastra to Neil Pryde. Mattia: “After last year dealing with the italian distributor of Gaastra, for 2015, I’ve decided to follow my former 2013 boss, Luis Marchegger, who recently got a hold of jp/np dealership for Italy. The fact that NeilPryde has always been the benchmark for the market, coupled with Luis’ approach to business and reliability made my switch a really easy and definitely smart move for my 2015 season. I’m in Sardinia right now trying both the Wizards and Combats out and they’re exactly the high end product you’d expect from an established market leader. New videos and pics comin soon! “


Amado Vrieswijk (18) leaves Starboard and joins the JP team. Amado Vrieswijk: “I was able to test the Freestyle board in The Netherlands and on Bonaire. In the beginning the winds were light but I was already amazed how the board was sailing: It really planes very quickly, the speed of the board is fast, and the positioning of the footstraps is different to my previous boards -which were closer together-  which I already consider as a big plus. I really like the stability and the fast rotation of the Freestyle 92.”

Amado Vrieswijk

Amado Vrieswijk


The Turkish windsurfing pro left Loft Sails and joined the Italian company Point-7. Lena is excited and looking forward to the collaboration: “In 2015 we are launching the #point7girls team, we will be developing a special girls line of the existing sails, which will have different colours, different lighter materials and lower boom cut outs and clew holes. Point7 has grown quickly in the last few years and I really like the approach the brand has towards its team riders and their style. Getting the chance to help to develop the girl side of things with this cool brand is also something that really excites me! Of course the amazing performance of the race sail has also been a major factor while making my choice!”

Lena Erdil at South Africa with her new sails

Lena Erdil at South Africa with her new sails


German top racer Vincent Langer (28) leaves RRD and joins the Fanatic team. Vincent will focus on the German events, but will participate in a few international events, too. He made it in third place at the IFCA Slalom Worlds at Terceira, Azores. Fanatic isn’t completely new for the 28 year old German, as the German was involved in the Fanatic Formula development in 2013.

“We are happy to welcome a new talent to our International Windsurfing Team: Vincent Langer is the German Windsurf Champ 2014 and the Shooting Star in the German Windsurf scene! He also did very well in the Slalom Worlds and Funboard Racing camps.” Fanatic Marketing




Belgium Yentel Caers (19), who was on Fanatic/ NorthSails and was ranked 5th in the EFPT and 28th on the PWA tour, with only attending two events. He recently travelled to France and Spain, together with his fellow countryman and Steven and Broeckhoven. “I’m really happy that JP-Australia, NeilPryde and NP-waterwear will support me in 2015. The change is really important for me. The change is really important for me. They will help me to get to the top and give me the support to be able to compete in PWA and EFPT events. The new gear feels really comfortable for me. It has a lot of power, speed and pop for my moves. My plan for the next year is to train as much as possible and to compete in all the events and of course having fun on the water together with my friends. In the January I will travel to Cape Town to get ready for the next season.” Yentel Caers


Omar Sanchez, wave windsurfer from Gran Canaria and ranked 17th overall on the PWA Tour in 2014, left Loft Sails after two years and signed with KA Sails for two seasons. Peter Weitenberg (KA) will support the 23 year-old rider, who definitely goes big in side onshore port tack conditions, as he most of the time trains at Pozo Izquierdo.

“Loft Sails decided to stop collaborating with me for next year, so I needed to find some sponsor for the 2015 season. The best option for me was KA Sails. I thought it is a small brand and can grow with them. Now we’re also working on some small changes for 2016. The 2015 sails go very well and work amazing for me. Lighter, compact… I have a lot of motivation on this project and I want to thank Peter Weitenberg for trusting in me and helping me in my career.” Omar Sanchez

Watching this talented windsurfer grow since his debut in the PWA in 2007, convinced us that great results lie in Omar’s future and we are certain that with our full support and KA gear, we can help him to the next level and secure a top 10 spot in the overall PWA Wave Tour rankings for 2015! We certainly hope to see Omar out on the water as much as possible and wish him the best of luck on next years’ Tour! For the team we will also work in 2015 with Gautier Bourgeois, French talanted speed slalom rider. He participated at Luderitz in 2013 and we aim to get him there in 2015 again. French rider Jocelyn de Souza will be back after a few year Loft sail he wanted to get back to his first sail sponser. Milan Gielingh (Cur-28), talented young gun from Curacao who is with us a few years already will be helped out in 2015 with slalom gear and our new to be released KAOS freestyle sail. Chris Lockwood joins us again in 2015 after a few years on Neil Pryde” Peter Weitenberg, KA Sails


After one year with JP, young racer Enrico Marotti (Cro-401) from Rijeka, Croatia, joins RRD. The 23 year old Croatian already tested new boards with his new teammate Arnon Dagan in Italy and will be in the same team with 2014 Slalom world champion Antoine Albeau, who continued his contract with RRD. Enrico had an ok PWA season, finishing overall in 38th and secured a guaranteed place for 2015, but missed two compete at two events. His highlight of the season was the victory at the IFCA Slalom Europeans on Brac, Croatia.


Talented Slovenian Slalom windsurfer Jan Kosmina (Slo-9), who did very well at the IFCA Europeans and participated in a few PWA Slalom World Cups during the past years, will be supported by Fanatic and North Sails. He was on Starboard/NeilPryde in the past. 


Portuguese Martim Monteiro (POR-13), one of Portugal’s best Slalom racer – he participated in IFCA And PWA events in 2014, will be on Fanatic/North Sails/ION for 2015. He was on Angulo/GunSails.


German wave rider Leon Jamaer (G-208) joined the team of K-4 fins for 2015.

“I tried different K4 fins during the season and really liked their performance. The slightly softer materials bring a lot of control, whether its windy and rough Denmark or pumping Hookipa – the fins gave me a lot of confidence and allowed me to fully follow my intuitions while riding a wave. I am also stoked to be able to work with Steve Thorp on a signature fin to find the best mix of control, speed and release for my Quads in Euro conditions. K4 Fins have a great concept and Team behind it and I am happy to be part of it from now on!” Leon Jamaer


The Italian racer Malte Reuscher will leave Challenger Sails and RRD and will be on Neilpryde and JP in 2015.