In November, after 9 weeks of waiting period, storm Angus brought the desired conditions for the Slag Om Domburg event. Dieter van der Eyken won the event in front of Eric Rutjes and Mike Bossaert. Watch some of the best action from a radical day at Domburg (Netherlands).

Slag Om Domburg 2016 – Video


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Slag om Domburg - Pic: Patrick van Iersel Photography

Slag Om Domburg 2016 – Result & Report

Dieter van der Eyken reports from the Slag om Domburg. “The conditions where rough. The wind was going up the 50 knots+ mark. Everyone was mostly fighting the elements rather than fighting their opponents. The waves built up pretty quickly and the action was amazing considering how hard it was to sail. I was for the first 2 rounds on my smallest gear, 3.3 Blade…..” Link to the article