According to Wikipedia a Sick Day is time off from work that workers can use to stay home to address their health and safety needs without losing pay. In windsurfer’s jargon a sick day means something else.

Watch Phil’s interpretation of a sick day realized by US windsurfer Alex Mertens. Phil seems to be quite busy when he takes a day off from his job. He is in his wetsuit all day long and has a few little jobs to do. Finally he made it on the water at the famous Hatchery and did what he can do best: getting air time on his freestyle gear.

The Idea behind the short film

Phil Soltysiak: This summer, I posted an Instagram Story of my dripping wet rig resting in the parking lot after a lit day on the water. The text overlay read “Sick Day!” I received a response saying, “I’m going to interpret my employment contract sick days as meaning this.” I immediately envisioned the storyline for a short windsurf clip and enlisted Alex Mertens to make it a reality. I hope you enjoy it!

SICK DAY starring Phil Soltysiak