The German windsurfer Leon Jamaer shows a strong come back after he injured his ankle last summer on Tenerife. He is back with an amazing video showing some radical action. Additionally we hooked up with Leon for a short chat.

“Once in a while it’s nice to get a beating as well.” Leon Jamaer

Continentseven: Are you 100% fit again after you injured your ankle last summer on Tenerife?
Leon Jamaer: Yes I am 100% fit again. I did quite a bit of training with my ankles and don’t feel any restrictions on the water. No reasons to hold back anymore. I was very happy to see that my body survived 10 pretty intense weeks in Cape Town and I hope it will stay like that for the rest of the season.

Continentseven: It looks like you feel more and more comfortable the extremer the conditions get?
Leon Jamaer: I like being right in there playing with the elements. Whether it’s making a wave or not. Once in a while it’s nice to get a beating as well. Regular surfing helped me as well to understand the ocean better. Then during the Storm Chase I had to redefine what’s extreme and what’s not. Coming back from those missions a lot of places feel more playful now. Also learning to wavesail in Germany and Denmark it’s always sort of extreme when it’s on. Usually very windy and cold!

Continentseven: This Push Forward in the video looks so radical. Where is the limit or where is your limit?
Leon Jamaer: The Push Forward is a manouver that cost me a lot of pain in the past but once you make it around the forward rotation it’s a very good feeling! If I want to do them I need very good jumping conditions which are often hard to find. Most of the time in windsurfing it’s actually the conditions that hold the level back. On one hand that’s a compliment to the sport as it shows how radical it is, on the other hand it makes it really hard to improve at some point or to run a competition in suitable or even challenging conditions. Anyway if you really want to improve I think you have to step out of your comfort zone and find those situation that challenge you physically and mentally. I am glad I could experience some of those moments in South Africa.

Filmed by
Julian Robinet
Frithjof Blaasch