5 Minutes of REFLEXION – with Steve Allen (AUS-0).  Steve is one of the kings in the Formula discipline and is responsible for the test and development of the REFLEX sails together with Ben Severne. Severne caught up with Steve as he stepped out of the water after testing the very first production REFLEX II 11.0 and 12.0. Read the full interview!

Severnesails: Steve, how did the sails feel on the water?

Steve Allen: I have never sailed such easy Formula Windsurfing sails as these. They are a complete pleasure to use. I am extremely excited about the new season!

Severnesails: If you were to summarize the differences to last year’s REFLEX Formula, what would they be?

Steve Allen: One of the key factors is the extremely good depth we now have in the sails. This adds amazing wind range and great overall stability of the sails, as well as downwind performance.

Severnesails: How has this affected your board speed?

Steve Allen: The difference is so big. It is hard to even compare.

Steve Allen is testing the new Severne Reflex II Formula sail in Thailand (Pic: Severnesails)

Severnesails: Why did you make the sails deeper this year?

Steve Allen: The problem last year was our deeper sails were simply slower. We therefore produced a flatter profile sail that was lighting upwind, but not that quick off the wind. For 2011 we worked a lot on getting the depth just were we need it, combined with a good twist, new reflex positions and now we have a sail much much faster than before with amazing depth and stability.

Severnesails: You spent a lot of time testing and adjusting the REFLEX tensioner positions, are you now satisfied with the result?

Steve Allen: Yes, the sails have become very slippery and fast. We believe to have found the perfect positions now. Last year we were satisfied with the introduction of the Batten Tensioners, but the fine tuning of the system was only possible now after a whole season testing and developing on and off the water.

Severnesails: Any quick rigging tips or tuning advice?

Steve Allen: The sails will go fast straight out of the bag with limited or no tuning. But for the best speed, apply all of the tension at the REFLEX tensioner. At the leech only apply the limited tension needed to smooth any wrinkles and hold it in place. Rig it on the recommended Enigma hardware and experience the perfect race tuned set up.

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