Sails for revolution is the slogan of Severne Sails. But not only the sails should be very progressive, as well the concept of marketing the products. For 2010 the crew around Ben Severne shows up with the REVOLUTION Magazine, which contains all products plus little stories about their production process, teamrider and Australian wavespots. As well it contains all products with all the numbers. It´s definitely a new concept of a product brochure.

The REVOLUTION Mag,  Issue #1 is now also available online and for download for those of you, who were not able to get hold of a hard copy.

The Revolution Magazine cover (Severnesails 2010).

The Revolution Magazine cover (Severnesails 2010).

What´s new on the hardware side?

There are 4 fresh models in the Severne range:

– The SWAT, a 4 button wave sail

– The SUPer light, a 1 batten sail for SUPs or beginner to intermediate boards in 6,5 m.

– The MOJO, a power freeride sail

– The NCX gets delivered in an exclusive PRO edition

Severne also released a big boom range, which contains 6 boom lines: the ENIGMA, the RED LINE, the HYBRID WAVE, the BLUE LINE, the WHITE LINE and the ALU RACE LINE.

Still there will be delivered masts in 4 lines: ENIGMA, RED Line, BLUE Line and WHITE Line. The extension line got extended as well and contains 2 RDM versions (aluminium and carbon) and the HD Race extension is in three different lenghts available.

And what´s about the team?

Björn Dunkerbeck will test hard to develop extremely well working Code Reds for 2010, which could be released by January 2010. “We will integrate some more horse powers in the sails.” Severne is also testing new cams and Steve Allen will work hard to develop the best Severne race sails ever together with Björn Dunkerbeck and the Severne development crew.

The new Severne NCX (Pic: Severnesails 2010)

The new Severne NCX (Pic: Severnesails 2010)

The new Severne SWART (Pic: Severnesails 2010)

The new Severne SWAT (Pic: Severnesails 2010)

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