The Severne ladies team scored extremely well at the this years PWA wave event in Pozo Izquierdo. Daida and Iballo Moreno, who finished 1st and 2nd, impressed with an incredible high sailing level. Both used the Blade models in 3,3 m, 3,7 m and 4,0. Daida sailed on a 3,7 in the final and were powered up. Iballa were on the 3,3 and missed some power. In the end Daida decided for the better size. Karin Jaggi, who already could win two PWA Slaloms this season, could defeat island local Nayra Alonso and took the 3rd position. Both sailed on the Swat, the four batton wavesail. Looks like the Severnesails will fight for a great result in the PWA constructors ranking!

The Severne ladies on fire at Pozo.