“Secrets of the Wind” is a short film series documenting the travels of 2011 World Champion and three-time European Champion Steven van Broeckhoven. 

Andraz Zan: “10500km in 28days through 7 countries to follow the wind. It takes a lot of dedication, you are connecting with nature and windsurfing with friends on their home spots. That’s windsurfing. You never know what is waiting for you and that is secrets of the wind all about. Following the wind around the world and living the lifestyle which is just different.”

Last week on Fuerteventura we have hooked up with Steven van Broeckhoven about the project and the first episode: Interview Steven van Broeckhoven

Spots: Berck (France), Le Toquet (France), Windekind (Belgium), Brouwersdam (Netherlands)

Filmed and Edited by Andraz Zan