This is a video, which was produced by Australian racer Sean O´Brien on a recent trip to the Sinai Desert in Egypt.

“Travelling with some Dutch and Polish friends, we spent 2 weeks based in Dahab then with an old-school rented Jeep, we travelled as far as we could north in to Bedouin country to explore this amazing country and culture”, Sean comments his trip.  

“Dahab really is an amazing place to windsurf with plenty of reefs and secret spots you can get to by car; it´s windy every day and still with the revolution fresh in everyone’s minds, there are barely any tourists around. Go to Egypt one day and ride a camel. You won’t be disappointed.” (Sean O´Brien) Most of the footage was shot by Markus Bouman and by Sean, completely handheld (their tripod broke and they couldn’t get a slide track or dolly on the plane). They both used a combination of Canon 7D, Canon SX210 and a GoPro HD for the moving car and helmet-cam shots. No housings were used during shooting and as a result they nearly wrecked all 3 cameras!

“The sequence of me throwing a hat and sunglasses on whilst standing on the roof of our villa is actually a series of 257 individual photographs I processed with Topaz Adjust 4 plugin in Photoshop and stitched together”, Sean adds as a detail.   Music used is “Complacency No Vacancy” by a favourite Australian band of Sean called Children Collide. We would recommend to watch the clip in a fullscreen mode due to the great quality.  


Sean O’Brien in Dahab, Egypt