Sarah Quita Offringa in Brazil Maceió & Jericoacoara

Sarah Quita Offringa is not only a multiple windsurfing champion, she is a true waterwomen. She masters multiple water sports and loves to be on the water. At the end of the season, she normally travels to Brazil for a relaxed end of the windsurfing competition season. And she did also last year.

Every year my trip to Brazil feels like a vacation! It’s at the end of my season and there’s no pressure, except… it’s windy every single day and there’s so many different water sports to do. Freestyling in Maceió at the end of the trip was a highlight I got the hang of some proper air skopus and tried my first double air culos. I felt that rush again of learning something new. Sarah-Quita Offringa

Check out some action from Jericoacoara & Maceió of December 2022.

Sarah Quita Offringa in Brazil Maceió & Jericoacoara

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