Baaammmm!!! Sarah-Quita Offringa is in freestyle mode and practices her port tack moves at Barcadera in Aruba. We are sure Sarah-Quita has an exciting season ahead of her, with all that moves in her repertoire. Her next stop will be Morocco, for the first PWA Wave event of the year.

“Barcadera sits in between the island and a reef, so when the wind funnels through, it’s really strong. We were all sailing 4,5’s. With strong wind comes big chop, so you can go for massive Shakas and loops. You won’t see that in this video though. For me it was a good day to practice my moves on port tack. Every now and then, Charter boats come through so you get to show off for the tourists. On that last Ponch I just couldn’t resist that perfect piece of chop and launched right in front of Max. Besides a fright, he survived the near-death experience! My bad Max! All in all it’s a pretty remote beach. As soon as you arrive it oozes tranquility. Hence, for once, laid back music in my video, hahaha. “(Sarah-Quita Offringa)

Sarah-Quita Offringa shows brilliant freestyle action at Barcadera, Aruba