Sam Esteve now also joined the freestyle windfoiling scene;-) A few riders are already fully into wind foil freestyle: Balz & Jakob Müller, Steven van Broeckhoven, Lennart Neubauer, Riccardo Marca or Julian Wiemar are some of the freestyle windfoilers.

In his latest video from Dakhla Sam shows some very difficult single freestyle moves like Burners, Skopus, Culos, Air Funnells. He lands them ankle dry and transfers his windsurfing freestyle skills on to the foil. The French is well known for his triple or even quadruple moves on the windsurfing board. Let’s see if Sam will land double or triple moves on the wind foil, too.

Sam Esteve’s wind foiling freestyle action from Dahkla, Western Sahara – Video

Filmed & edited by Baptiste Vignaud