Sa Barra is a freestyle spot on the island Sant’ Antioco in the southwestern part of the island Sardinia, Italy. According to the local sailor Gigi Madeddu the spot offers perfect freestyle conditions, with strong wind and flat water mixed with nice clean chop.

Watch some nice shots by Michele Tagliafico taken at Sa Barra during February 2014.

Windsurfers: Gigi Madeddu, Cristian Venturelli, Fausto Mattana, Giovanni Passani, Matteo Piras, Nicolò Tagliafico, Riccardo Marca, Rossel Bertoldo, Stefano Salemi


Photogallery from Sa Barra, Sant’ Antioco, Sardinia


The Italian freestyle windsurfer Gigi Madeddu owns a windsurfing center at Sa Barra and supports the upcoming freestyle windsurfing generation. Gigi: “The Sabarra style project is a new project with young riders who decided to live near our spot to improve their level of freestyle. I’m sort of a coach and I try to help them with my experience. Every day we are breathing windsurfing.”


Gigi organizes a freestyle event, too, the Sa Barra Contest, which is a standby freestyle competition: “This year it is the 2nd edition of the contest with the best Italian riders. Last year we had great success and the riders were very happy with the event. Jacopo Testa won the first title, and this year it will be a new great freestyle battle, also open for riders from all over the world. We decided to organize the contest with a “waiting period” (April/May/June) because we want the best conditions for the best riders!”